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The discussion about “which camera?” gets the more intensive the less it must be fit to use for a professional purpose. In this case everything is clear right from the start. For all others here is the gear Postsumptio uses:

Postsumptio photographs with the Olympus E-System. The smaller sensor allows small and light lenses, while being sharp into the corners. Starting with the midrange cameras an image stablizer is integrated right into the body, and from E-30 on it works amazingly good.

The tilt-and-swivel display allows controlled points of view which otherwise do compare to flying blind.

Most work gets done with an E-30. A bit off of the very small form factor, but still pretty lightweight. And with a very good grip. Really fast, delivers restrained and fresh colors out of the box.

The Zuiko 14-54mm II 1:2.8 - 3.5 acts as the standard-zoom. Just 440 grams, and even with Live View sufficently fast.

Tele is covered by the famous Zuiko 50-200mm 1:2.8-3.5 SWD, which is the second version with the faster auto-focus. 1,1 kg with (compared to full frame) 100 - 400 mm focal length, with a starting aperture of 1:2.8 - that’s hard to find elsewhere on the market. Very good for condensed architecture, detailed landscape and for portraits.

The secondary camera (on a trip by bike the first choice) is an E-620, bought with the double-zoom kit. Amazingly lightweight, while being very well build. And with vivid colors straight out of the camera.

One of the most difficult questions, with a huge amount of answers, is: “Which stand?”. To make a long story short: A mono stand is mandatory, in particular the Swiss Monostat RS16 PRO - ART with the famous foot. For the head a simple yet precise Ball Head 40 by Novoflex is way enough. The result is a set which damps the shutter hit almost perfectly. Lent on, and using the well working mirror-pre-fire, even exposures in the range of 30 seconds become feasible.

And what about the computer...?

Apple Macintosh MacBook Pro, OS-X 10.6, Aperture, PTLens and  sometimes Pixelmator. This whole website was completely created in iWeb. More? - see nota.



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